Anderson & Gallagher LLP have an established reputation for excellence and professionalism in advising private clients, Company Directors and other Company Officers with regard to disputes/problems that may arise in the running of a business whether through the vehicle of a partnership or a company.

Frequently problems arise between the Partners or Shareholders/Directors of a company with regard to the ongoing management and running of the business. We are able to offer practical and helpful advice in resolving such disputes and also securing the interest of our client so as to achieve the best possible result for them going forward into the future.

Anderson & Gallagher LLP advises on a broad range of commercial litigation matters. Our areas of particular expertise include the following:

  • Pre-dispute advice and settlement negotiations, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures.
  • Advising parties in relation to arbitration matters.
  • Representing clients at all levels of the Irish Courts system.
  • Assisting in the resolution of all types of disputes arising from commercial agreements and transactions
  • Assisting in the resolution of all types of corporate disputes.
  • Seeking injunctions on behalf of clients, including Mareva, Anton Pillar and other interlocutory injunctions.
  • Product liability claims.
  • Advising on planning, property and environmental disputes.
  • Representing clients appearing before investigatory tribunals of enquiry or other forum of enquiry such as Competition Authority or the Director of Corporate Enforcement.
  • Defending the decisions of the Regulators before the High Court.