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Helping your personal injury case

July 20th, 2011

You can make a big difference to the outcome of your personal injury* case, by helping us in the following ways:

■ If possible take a photograph of the scene of the accident, and the plant or machinery involved.

■ Make your own note of what has happened to you, with details of the time, date, place and witnesses, as soon as you can. If possible, make a sketch plan or take photos to help record and explain the circumstances of your accident at work.

■ If machinery or equipment was involved in your work accident, make a note of the manufacturer, model, any known defects, and any maintenance regime.

■ Make sure that your work accident is recorded in the Accident Report Book which the law requires your employer to keep.

■ Find out whether other people have experienced a similar accident at work in the past, and get as much detail as you can of who was involved, what happened and when, whether your employer was told about it and if so whether they took any action.

■ Ensure if you can that any serious work accident (causing an absence from your job for more than 3 days) has been reported to the Health and Safety Executive or the local authority’s Environmental Health Service.

■ Get medical attention promptly and tell the hospital and/or your GP about your job and how you think it has caused your personal injury.

■ Keep every invoice, receipt or other record of your expenses and losses. This is not being “money-grabbing”! It is preserving evidence which we need to get the right level of personal injury compensation for you.

■ Keep a diary of your symptoms and medical treatment.

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